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Sciopero!! Strike!!

I was up at 4am to take Larry to the Terontola station to catch the 4:45am train to Rome for his long flight to Accra, Ghana to help lead a week of important meetings. At the train station, instead of time and track, the departures board said “SOPP.”  SCIOPERO! Train strikes in Italy are legendary, … Continue reading Sciopero!! Strike!!

Oh, NO… BEES!!

When bees move in, who do you call? A local bee-keeper, of course! Earlier this week, Daniela, our housekeeper, came running to the house holding her arm. A black stinger remained in the fleshy crease of her elbow. She had opened the bathroom door in the guesthouse to give it a last once-over before our … Continue reading Oh, NO… BEES!!


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